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Online dating is first and foremost about being able to get to know other singles. And this is exactly where the search for a partner stops directly …

Once you have been able to flirt extensively on your partner search in dating sites and then discover that contact with the other single breaks off again and again after a certain period of time, then you should question your own behavior and profile at the dating sites. If the singles on the single exchange repeatedly let the contact fall asleep completely surprisingly, then you should deal with the previous communication and your self-image.

If the flirting stops before it has actually started, then this could be due to your own profile, for example. How did you present yourself and do the other singles on the single exchange already receive meaningful information about yourself? There is a high probability that your own profile is insufficient if you do not even get in touch for online dating. And after various studies it was found that the singles on dating sites have the best chances of finding a partner if they have taken their time to look at their profile first. With us, your own profile can also be further optimized at a later point in time – in this way you can try out yourself here in peace and improve your own impact when dating.

It can of course also be due to your own profile if contact with the other single only breaks off after a few messages. This can be the case, for example, if you created your profile less according to your own idiosyncrasies, but rather wanted to quickly contact other singles on the single sites. Of course, you won’t list your own bad habits on the profile, but you shouldn’t gloss over it too much and stick to the truth. If you portrayed yourself as a sports lover in your profile and actually spends most of the evenings on the couch, the other singles will quickly turn away. Because such small lies are usually already uncovered during the first messages during online dating and are completely inappropriate when looking for a serious partner. Accordingly, you should rather fill out your profile on the dating site honestly and thus improve your own chances of dating.

If the establishment of contact works optimally when looking for a partner on the single sites and you cannot complain about the possibilities of getting to know other singles, then the error can also lie in the actual communication. If the other single breaks off contact after several messages, then you should take a close look at your own behavior. Are you perhaps too brash when flirting? Of course, the opposite can also be the case and accordingly you have neglected flirting too much.

Ideally, you don’t delete all messages on the dating site right away, but read them again carefully after breaking off contact. Especially if you have already communicated with several singles during the search for a partner via the news function, you can quickly recognize a possible pattern when reading the news on the dating sites. It doesn’t always have to be because of flirting, maybe you were just too busy with yourself. In dating, as in normal flirting, it is extremely important that you are also interested in the other person and inquire about their interests. After all, you would not maintain intensive contact with other singles even when looking for a partner if they only report about themselves and their lives. And what you can improve in terms of behavior when dating on the single sites will make it much easier for you to find a partner and thus increase your chances of finding your dream partner.

You can optimally train your own flirting behavior on a dating site, because the message function at the beginning of the partner search allows you to think through your answer well first. In contrast to the later dates, dating sites have the particular advantage that you can significantly improve your own communication and flirting.

After getting to know each other on the dating site, the news function is an important tool for later partner selection. It is easier to first practice your own flirting behavior in writing before you finally meet for a real date and prove your oral flirting skills there. The more you can practice your skills via the news after getting to know each other on the dating site, the easier it will be to have real conversations on the phone or the like